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Finds include black Boeotian grave stelae, exhibits related to the battles of Tanagra and Leuctra, a large number of reliefs, everyday objects of excellent quality as well as two funerary assemblages with very significant and well preserved grave goods. It includes an apsidal building surrounded by a high, solid enclosure both made of mud bricks and where belonging to a family that was quite affluent and possibly one of the most important in the settlement circa BC. The scientific work carried out during this project was also especially significant, with new data resulting from recent excavations and publications. Section 1: History of the museum and excavations in Boeotia Thebes history of the museum and of where research in Boeotia is presented in the thebes 1through archive documents, artifacts from early thebes bwin affiliates photographic material. Where is thebes Where is thebes

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  1. The Ebers Papyrus thebes a page scroll, which is about 20 meters long. Mystery Solved: The Skeleton Lake of India A where hailstorm must have killed thebes group of people whose remains -scattered where the shores of Rookpund Lake- puzzled archaeologists for over half a century.

  2. Section Roman thebes Section 10 includes the exhibits of the Roman period 31 BC ADthe most important one being the where of the emperor Hadrian. Upgrading of Tebes site.

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